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  • About Me

    Sandra Dotson of Entangled Co is a California resident and a German native with a background in computer science and retail sales. Specializing in woven wire, Sandra creates unique, one-of-a-kind jewelry that combines intricate details and wire weaving techniques. Her focus on craftsmanship and unique designs has garnered her a loyal following of customers who appreciate her passion for creating wearable art. 

  • Vision

    At Entangled Co, I envision a world where art jewelry becomes a true reflection of individuality and personal expression. Through my unique designs and unwavering commitment to craftsmanship, I strive to inspire and empower people, encouraging them to embrace their distinctive style and celebrate their authentic selves.

  • Mission

    My mission is to create unique and meaningful jewelry pieces that celebrate individuality, enhance personal style, and connect people to the beauty of art and craftsmanship. I strive to craft each piece with passion, care, and attention to detail, using sustainable materials and ethical practices. My goal is to inspire confidence and joy in my customers and to leave a positive impact on our community and the world.

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