Crafting Moments: Where Art and Heart Collide

Hey there! Welcome to Entangled Co, where you're greeted like an old friend. I want you to feel at home here, where everyone is included and appreciated. This is a place where authenticity is valued, and you're sure to find something special that resonates with you.

I'm Sandra the owner and artist behind Entangled Co. I wear many hats - mom, wife, and former computer scientist (that’s what I did before I had a kid) and retail worker (in fact I have a German degree in retail sales, IKEA was my home for over 7 years before I studied computer science). Entangled Co started as a way to keep busy and frankly sane during maternity leave, but it quickly became much more. These days, it's a way for me to express myself creatively while juggling family life. My art is all about being true to yourself and adding a touch of beauty to everyday life whether that is with beautiful art jewelry or watercolor art.


My journey with Entangled Co has been a rollercoaster ride. From starting out during maternity leave (and a global pandemic) to dealing with the ups and downs of running a business, it's been quite the adventure. Through it all, I've learned to stay patient and true to myself. I'm not just in this to make a quick buck; I want to create things that I love and that others will too.

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