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Exploring Inspiration: Embracing the Beauty of Bold Simplicity

In this blog post, we're diving into the heart of Entangled Co's unique jewelry designs, where wearable art meets the gentle allure of bold simplicity. Join me as we explore the inspirations that bring my pieces to life, celebrating the beauty of clean lines and captivating gemstones.

Discovering Conversation-Starters

In my diverse collection of jewelry, I passionately embrace the beauty of bold simplicity. My ultimate goal is to empower people, allowing them to feel confident and enabled in their journey of authentic self-expression. I create conversation-starters that add a touch of enchantment to your every moment, because I believe that everyone deserves to shine with their true selves.

Weaving Texture and incorporating Clean Lines 

When designing jewelry, I find great joy in the artistry of wire weaving and silversmithing. I get lost in the weaving, channeling my passion and creativity into every piece. I find my zone, losing track of time, as I pour my heart into crafting jewelry that empowers and celebrates your individuality. The result? Bold statement pieces that are as distinctive as your journey, each bearing the essence of your true self. Additionally, I often design with clean lines, accentuating captivating semi-precious gemstones or mesmerizing woven textures.

Empowerment through Design

My jewelry is more than just accessories; it represents a journey of empowerment. Personally, I have always admired large and bold pieces, but I hesitated to wear them, fearing they might be too extreme or draw too much attention. However, embracing the power of simplicity and recognizing that bold statements can be versatile and fitting for any occasion has been a transformative experience. It inspires me to create jewelry that empowers you, helping you wear your jewelry with confidence and authenticity, shielding you from self-doubt like armor.

The Art of Color

In my designs, I choose colors with intention, knowing they can evoke emotions and create connections. The shades I love most - teal, aqua, turquoise, blues, and greens - reflect my appreciation for tranquility and nature's harmony. Each gemstone carefully selected serves as a personal touchstone, reminding wearers of their own journey and the emotions they hold dear. My favorite stones are labradorite, moonstone, turquoise, and opal probably because they all display a unique shimmer and captivating colors. 

sterling silver opal pendant sterling silver turquoise pendant 
sterling silver labradorite cocktail ring sterling silver moonstone cocktail ring


Celebrating Your Individuality

At Entangled Co, I cherish the art of individuality. While my jewelry may not appeal to everyone, it carries the heart and soul of my artistic expression. I celebrate the uniqueness of each design, crafted to be wearable art that speaks to the bold and authentic spirit within you. If these things are deeply meaningful to you, then you're in the right place.

Thank You

Thank you for joining me on this exploration into the heart of Entangled Co's designs. I am genuinely passionate about creating jewelry that embraces the beauty of bold simplicity, infused with fluidity and love. As you wear my pieces, may they empower you to embrace your unique journey with grace and confidence. Remember, at Entangled Co, I am here to support you in discovering the magic of being authentically you.

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