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Collage Journaling: Crafting Intentions with Mindfulness

Collage Journaling: Crafting Intentions with Mindfulness

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Join me in experiencing the remarkable blend of mindfulness and creativity in this Mindful Collage Journaling class. In this special course, you'll set about a journey of self-discovery, blending art and mindfulness through collage techniques.

You'll learn to create a quiet space just for you, where you can calm your thoughts, focus, and set intentions for your day. With my supportive guidance, you'll turn these intentions into beautiful collages, expressing yourself in a meaningful and intentional way. This class will help you embrace the art of collage and mindfulness, feeling the joy of being creative without worrying about being perfect.

Join me and experience how daily creativity can sharpen your focus, lift your spirits, and add more happiness to your life. Also let’s not forget: art and creativity are fun, so we will be sure to have some of that!

Duration: 90mins

Location: Melville Winery in the St. Rita Hills

Enjoy the beautiful barrel room at Melville Winery and a glass of wine (not included) while you journal. 

Skills you will learn in this workshop:

  • Introduction to collage art and compositional concepts: Learn more about composition and how to use random materials to express yourself.
  • Enjoying the process of being creative without the pressure of perfection: Learn to let go of the thought of making “good” art and instead just enjoy the process of making art.
  • Effective organization of thoughts to set intentions and translate those visually: Learn how to organize your thoughts, set meaningful daily goals, and be present in the moment.
  • Intentional creativity to improve overall focus and mental well-being: When used intentionally and regularly, creativity can sharpen your mind helping you to be more focused and balanced as a person.

Included materials:

  • A journal to create with and take home.
  • Worksheets and printed information on skills learned.
  • All collage materials like magazines, background papers, embellishments, stickers, etc. Bring your own magazines and ephemera to use if you would like.
  • Glue, scissors, and other tools needed to make collage journal pages.

About the teacher:

Sandra Dotson is a self-taught artist who has experience in various mediums and crafts. Sandra runs Entangled Co a former art jewelry business turned art endeavor. Sandra has background in retail sales and computer science, is a mom and lives in the Santa Ynez Valley with her family.

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