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Wide Wirewoven Intricate Silver Ring Band

Wide Wirewoven Intricate Silver Ring Band

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This ring is a captivating piece that combines exquisite craftsmanship and contemporary style. This unisex ring features a US 10.5 size, making it suitable for a wide range of customers. The band, measuring 0.25 inches wide, provides a comfortable fit for everyday wear.

Crafted with precision, the base wires are made from high-quality sterling silver, ensuring durability and a timeless appeal. The weaving texture, created using fine silver, adds an intricate and delicate touch to the design. What sets this ring apart is the clever use of negative space – the center band is left blank, creating a captivating highlight within the weaving. The ring is oxidized and polished to a shine.

Don't see your size? I am happy to make one in your size, just reach out!

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