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Wire Weaving for Beginners - Craft Kit

Wire Weaving for Beginners - Craft Kit

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This beginners guide to wire weaving will teach you the fundamentals of weaving with wire. The tutorial includes three specific patterns that are the most widely use as well as instructions on how to create your own patterns. Chock full with tips and tricks and recommendations, this guide includes everything I wish I knew when I first started.

Starting with some very simple techniques that will require absolutely no prior knowledge and give you a sound base to tackle any project!

This kit includes all the items needed to get started.

Skills needed for weaving kit: None!

Skill Level: Complete Beginner

Supplies (included in kit)
• 6 wooden skewers
• ca. 20ft of 26 or 28 AWG wire (any metal)
• 4 lengths of 16 or 18 AWG wire (any metal)
• a download link to the digital PDF guide

Tools needed (not included)
• Flush cutters
• Flat or chain nose pliers (you can get away without these)
The guide includes a list of recommended tools including links and detailed descriptions.

Review from a complete beginner:
"This was an excellent tutorial!! I think beginners are going to get so much value out of this. The blue yarn and the skewers make the weaving much easier to see in photos. This gets me prepared to ditch the skewers and get on my weaving journey, exactly the end goal you're after with this level. Well done!!!"

Because of the partial digital nature of this item, this product is except from returns. All sales are final.

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