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Clear Quartz Pendant | Sterling Silver Mountain Scene Necklace

Clear Quartz Pendant | Sterling Silver Mountain Scene Necklace

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Behold this sterling silver clear quartz pendant—a portal to another realm, waiting to be unveiled. Crafted with meticulous artistry, the pendant features a sterling silver bezel, adorned with a stamped scene of nature's majesty. Imagine a mountain setting captured within, where the North Star twinkles above, snow-capped peaks rise in the distance, and a tranquil bonfire flickers in the foreground. This enchanting motif, like a looking glass, reveals itself through the crystal clarity of the quartz.

Step into a world of wonder and embrace your inner adventurer, dear seeker of beauty. As you wear this pendant, feel the resonance of its symbolism—the guiding light of the North Star leading you on your journey, the strength and stability of the majestic mountains, the serenity found in the company of nature, and the warmth of a flickering fire that ignites your spirit.

Just as you curate your collection with intention and passion, this sterling silver clear quartz pendant will seamlessly blend with your eclectic style—whether adorning your flowing bohemian dresses, accentuating your favorite pair of jeans, or becoming the centerpiece of your enigmatic ensemble. Let it be an extension of your soul, a reflection of your individuality and the stories you carry within.

Step into the realm of enchantment and make this pendant your own!

At Entangled Co, we craft jewelry that transcends the ordinary, weaving stories into each piece with sterling silver and semi-precious stones. With a deep-rooted commitment to sustainability and ethical practices, we strive to create meaningful jewelry that resonates with your values, celebrates your individuality, and connects you to the exquisite beauty of art and craftsmanship.

Chain length: 18 in + 2 in extension 

Pendant height: 1.5 in

Pendant width: 5/8 in

Materials: Sterling silver, clear quartz

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