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Measure your Ring Size

Are you excited to find your dream ring but unsure about your size? Don't worry; I've got you covered! My Ring Size Measuring Guide is the ultimate tool to help you make a confident choice when selecting your new favorite ring. No need to step into a store; you can now measure your ring size in the comfort of your home. These step-by-step instructions, paired with clear visuals, make the process super easy.

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Decoding Jewelry Materials

Become an Insider and download my free guide, "Decoding Jewelry Materials"! This guide demystifies jewelry materials, such as gold, silver, filled, and plated metals.

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Wire Working Tools

Become an Insider and download my free guide, "Wire Working Tools"! This guide is an extensive list of tools used for wire jewelry making including why you want to choose certain tools for certain tasks.

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Wire Basics

Become an Insider and download my free guide, "Wire Basics"! This guide is an overview of the types of wires and metals used in jewelry making and includes tips and tricks on how to choose the right wire based on your project.

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I may earn a small commission if you buy something from any of these vendors at no extra cost to you. This helps me continue to provide you with free, valuable content via social media and my website. Thank you for your support!

  • Turquoise Moose

    A US-based, women-owned lapidary company that has hands down some of the best Turquoise cabochons you can get. I love their selection of semi-precious stones and their commitment to sustainability aligns well with my own values.

    Save $30 on every order over $55 with my code SANDRA30

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  • CANVAS Lamp

    This lamp perfectly combines a tri-pod for your phone with a ring light for your table. It moves along 6-axis allowing for that perfect shot of your work. The light is dimmable and has three interchangeable light colors. I LOVE this light and am glad I made the investment, ultimately saving so much money on all the individual gear needed to film my process videos.

    Use Code SANDRA10 to save 10%

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  • Amazon

    You can find my favorite Amazon purchases on these lists. It includes everything from tools to storage and market setup. Everything on these lists comes recommended by me and I have purchased myself in the past and know it is good.

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