Wire Wrapping – Where to get started

The question I get asked the most, and often multiple times a day, is: I would like to start wire wrapping, but WHERE do I start?

I decided instead of answering this over and over, maybe I’ll just write a quick blog post about it! I’m not a writer and my time is always not enough so I’m keeping this short and sweet. This is also my personal opinion based on my own experiences. Advice given in this blog post might not work for everyone, take it with a grain of salt and find your own way.

These were the first pendants I have ever made. The wire is copper wire from the hardware store, the stones are made from polymer clay. They even glow in the dark!!! Yep, that’s how I started! I wanted to work with clay initially and had some leftover silicone molds from my resin days (I swear I tried it all). But then I had all these little clay stones so I thought “What do I do with these now?!” That’s how I ended up searching YouTube for some basic wire wrapping tutorials.

These first three pendants are based on tutorials by Oxana from OxanaCrafts. I can highly recommend starting with her fabulous tutorials. Her videos are clear and easy to follow and her designs are simple yet very good looking.

Next up, I stumbled upon Lanh Anh Handmade. Her designs are a bit more broad, not just pendants with stones but all sorts of other things. Worth playing around with to get a feel for your wire, your tools, and your own limits and bounds. Here is one of the first pieces I made based on her tutorials (the stone is also made by me from clay):

From there, I very quickly abandoned the clay thing and went full on wire wrapping. Passion found, haven’t put it down since. That was in 2018.

Other YouTube channels I can highly recommend:

CSL Designs

Kelly Jones Jewellery

Door 44 Studios

Raftark Jewelry (this is more advanced but I love his technique videos)

Take it from there. Make a few things and see what you like and what suits your abilities. See if there are local classes in your area. Buy a couple of books.

In regards to materials and tools, that will require its own post but I want to talk about it for a second here:

Start small, I started literally with wire from the hardware store. Then some craft wire from my local craft store. You don’t need a lot to get started.

For tools, check out my blog post here.

Have fun and enjoy the journey. If you make something inspired by me, tag me on Instagram, I’d love to see it!

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