Entangled Co Custom Order Process

THANK YOU for your interest in my work. You are SO close to owning your own piece of Entangled Co art! Before we can start, here is a little bit of house keeping:

First step

Please contact me FIRST so we can make sure your design ideas are feasible! Here are some ways to get in touch:

Chances are I will direct you to this page after our chat so you can read what the next steps are.


Next up, please purchase a retainer on Etsy. You can find the link here or by clicking the button below. The retainer will be credited towards your final purchase.

What happens after you purchased a retainer?

Please read carefully:

  1. After you purchased the retainer and filled out the form (you need to download a PDF from Etsy that will direct you to the form), I will contact you for an initial design discussion. We will discuss your design ideas and notes. This should happen within 24hrs.
  2. I will summarize our design ideas into a collection of sample images and possibly a sketch (similar to the image in the retainer listing). You get to sign off on this final design document before I start working on your piece. This should happen within the first week after you purchased the retainer.
  3. After design sign off, I will place you into my pipeline and give you an estimated timeline. Typically this ranges from 2 – 6 weeks depending on the current pipeline.
  4. I don’t typically provide intermittent updates other than some work in progress in my Instagram stories. However, if you prefer to be surprised please let me know in the form above.
  5. Once the item is completed, I will send you pictures of the final piece as well as a final purchasing price based on materials and time. You can now decide whether you would like to purchase the final item or not. There is however no refund if you decide not to purchase the item.
  6. The final purchase will be processed through my Etsy store. You will receive a coupon code for the value of your retainer to enter while purchasing the finished piece. 
  7. Please note that custom items are never discounted during any sales events.
  8. Tax, customs, and shipping (if outside the US) costs may apply in addition to the final purchase price.